by Carol Duvall

Regions 1,2,4 NTSC DVD (Page Sage, 2008)
Found on the Creativity bookshelf

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PageSage presents Carol Duvall, the Queen of Crafting, at a crafting retreat with seven talented artists. Millions of viewers tune in daily to enjoy The Carol Duvall Show on HGTV and DIT. For the first time on DVD, Carol welcomes some of your favorite guests from her show and introduces some new faces: Judy Belcher, Sarah Hodsdon, Michael Jacobs, MaryJo McGraw, Magdalena Muldoon, Karen Elaine Thomas, and Judi Watanabe.

Each artist teaches one class and participates in all of the other classes. Together, they take a creative journey, learning to master each other’s techniques. This is the essence of mixed media…assembling the best artists in each individual medium as they combine the elements. This is the spirit of creativity…working with the same base materials and techniques to express yourself uniquely. The gallery is sure to inspire your creative muse!

Projects: Paper Sculpture, Stamped Charms, Polymer Clay Beads, Metal Embossing, Carving Stamps, ATC Cards and Book, and Blizzard Book.

An interactive gallery overflows with more than 150 photographs of sample artwork. When you see something that inspires you jump directly to the technique used to create it.


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