by Kathy Shield Dummer and Lynette Fisk and Jill Yvonne Palumb and Pamela J and Trish Hodgens and Toni Ransfield and Jeannie Dukic

Magazine (Scott Publications, 2009)
Found on the Polymer Clay bookshelf

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PolymerCAFE is a full-color bimonthly print magazine dedicated to providing news, instruction, and events to hobbyists and enthusiasts in the world of polymer clay. The magazine contains columns that range from beginner's instruction to professional level craft and business information. Other article types include how-to, profiles of polymer clay artists, hints and tips, children's, and product reviews.

This issue's projects include:

  • Copper Nouveau Donut Pendant Part 1 - Kathy Shield Dummer
  • Apple Core Bead - Lynette Fisk
  • Painting Your Signature in a Clay Cane - Jill Yvonne Palumb
  • The Black and White Challenge Winners
  • Miniature Bread and Cheeses - Pamela J
  • The Patch Keepers Cottage - Trish Hodgens
  • Polymer Clay 101:Simple Elegance - Toni Ransfield
  • Alcohol Ink Pendant - Jeannie Dukic
Plus many other features!


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