by Rachel Carren

Paperback Book (Lark Books, 2011)
Found on the Polymer Clay bookshelf

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Polymer Clay


Featuring the world's most dazzling and innovative work, this new entry in the Masters series focuses on the incredibly popular medium of polymer clay. Curator Rachel Carren has selected 40 artists who have their own distinctive style, exhibit fine workmanship, and have a unique vision they communicate through polymer. Vessels, jewelry, and sculptures of intricate design reflect a range of moods-from Kathleen Dustin's poetically expressive art to the luscious colors and forms created by Lindly Huanani.

This collection brings together some of the best examples of early work in polymer, current art by well recognized artists, and an array of lesser known artists who are making their mark with the material. Seeking to highlight outstanding works of jewelry, as well as functional and figurative design, this extensive gallery of images includes examples of many techniques: distinctive cane work, accomplished color harmonies, and diverse uses of mixed media. The artists' approaches to making art are vastly different. Styles represented range from organic interpretations of nature, to emotional evocations and onto elegant renditions that are highly ornamental.


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