by Amanda Blake Soule

Paperback Book (Trumpeter, 2008)
Found on the Family Crafting bookshelf

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The Creative Family


Between work and school, music lessons, and sports practice, there is less and less time to connect as a family. Those few moments together are often spent making meals, doing homework, or watching TV. In this inspiring book, Amanda Soule, a young mother of three, presents simple ways to use arts and crafts and other forms of creativity to deepen family connections.

For parents of all backgrounds, The Creative Family offers unique creative activities for the whole family. The range of projects includes: imaginative play such as dress-up, home theater, and parlor games; arts and crafts such as family drawing time and knitting with children; nature explorations such as creating garden journals and using natural toys; and family celebrations that include making music and displaying children’s art. These fun and engaging alternatives to television, video games, and the computer are meant to captivate children’s imaginations, celebrate their achievements, and express love and gratitude as a family.

A note from Lisa: While there is no polymer clay content in this book, the concepts and ideas of family togetherness and creativity can easily be applied to any medium. I have been a fan of Amanda's blog for some time, and find it inspiring. You can read more about the book in her own words here.


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