by Chrissie Grace

Softcover Book (North Light Books, 2006)
Found on the General Crafts bookshelf

This title is no longer available in our store. Try one of these other options:

Wild Tiles


Discover your Mosaic Muse:

Mosaics transform a plain surface into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Now you too can create beautiful, quirky, imaginative and whimsical mosaics with Wild Tiles. You'll find 34 projects and variations, easy-to-use patterns, step-by-step photography and plenty of tips. Even beginners will create fabulous mosaics in no time at all. Experienced artists looking for inspiration will find plenty of new techniques using collage and mixed media elements (including polymer clay), as well as more advanced projects to test their skills.

Brighten your home with a wide variety of whimsical and distinct designs, including:

Picture frames and mirrors
Dresser and tabletop Wall hangings
Inspirational artwork and more!

If you're looking for something unique and magical to decorate your home, look no further. Let Wild Tiles be your muse and create your own beautiful mosaics full of color and whimsy!


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