Tutorial by Tonja Lenderman

Published May 18, 2007



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Light colored polymer clay
Black polymer clay
Medium size paper punches (2 or more)
Fluid chalk ink pads (5 colors)
Black permament or dye ink pad
Rubber stamps (text and 2 images)
Bamboo skewer or knitting kneedle
Shape cutter for pendant (med - large size)
Liquid clay
Pasta machine
Clay blade
Brayer or acrylic rod
Craft knife


Step 1

Condition both colors of clay and roll them into sheets using the third thickest setting on pasta pachine.

Punch several different shapes from the velum and place them on your light colored sheet of clay. Use a brayer to set them slightly into the clay so inks don't seep under.

Step 2

Using the chalk ink, blend 3 of the colors over the entire surface. The velum punchies act as a masking.

Step 3

Gently remove the punchies from the sheet. The tip of a craft knife works well.

Step 4

Use the last 2 colors of chalk inks to stamp images on the surface of the clay. Try not to push the stamp in too deep.

Step 5

Use the black ink to stamp the text over the entire sheet.

Step 6

Brush liquid clay onto the surface of the black clay sheet. Layer the inked sheet onto the black sheet. This can be a bit tricky, because the ink will still be wet. Baking them wet seems to give the best results.

Find an interesting area of the sheet and use the shape cutter to cut out your pendant.

Step 7

Roll a tube of black clay around your skewer.

Step 8

Use a piece of the tube for a bail and attach it with liquid clay to your pendant. Bake following manufacturer's instructions.

Variations/Final Thoughts

Variations using different clay colors, punches and stamps.

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