Tutorial by Dorothy Harvey

Published November 4, 2007



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Five 4x4 sheets of clay rolled through the pasta machine in the following manner:
  • 1 Blue, #1 or thickest setting
  • 1 Orange, #1 or thickest setting
  • 1 White, #3 or medium setting
  • 2 Black, #5 or second thinnest
Additional White and Black clay


Step 1

Cut the orange sheet in half and stack the 2 halves; set aside.

Step 2

Sandwich the white sheet between the 2 black sheets.

Step 3

Put the blue sheet on top of the black/white/black stack. Cut this in half and stack it. Now you should have a 2” x4” stack that is 8 layers (black, white, black, blue, black, white, black, and blue)

Step 4

Cut this stack in half so you have 2 squares that are 2” x 2” each

Step 5

Flatten the 2 opposite ends of each stack, pulling and pinching with your fingers, trying to pull all the layers out as you go. Make each end about ½” longer than it was. Neatly trim the edges.

Step 6

Now take the orange stack that was set aside earlier. Flip over one of the multi colored stacks so that black is facing up and center the orange stack over it. (it will be larger by about ½” on either side)

Step 7

Center the other multi colored stack on top of the orange, black side touching the orange. (Both multi stacks should be touching the orange sheet with the black side) Now you should have a stack with orange sandwiched between multi colored stacks.

Step 8

Begin pinching and pressing the orange clay that is sticking out on the ends like you did earlier to the multi layered stack, thinning as you get to the edge. Set aside

Step 9

Make a snake of white clay. Roll a sheet of black clay on a very thin setting on your pasta machine. Wrap this sheet around the white snake. Roll it, reducing the snake until it’s about ½” in diameter. You will need 2, 2” long snakes.

Step 10

Take one of these snakes and, placing it at the very edge of the orange clay, start rolling it up into one end of the stack of clay. Roll just until the orange clay meets the rest of the stack.

Step 11

Flip over the stack and roll up the other snake into the other end of the clay, stopping again when the orange meets the stack. You should have a stack that has sort of an “s” design running through it.

Step 12

Put the stack on your work surface with the stripes of color facing up; start compressing the stack into a rectangle with the circles of white on diagonal corners from each other.

Step 13

Once you have compressed and reduced the cane to twice its length, cut it in half. Flip and stack the 2 halves so that you see a mirror image effect.

Step 14

Compress and reduce the cane 2 more times in the same manner as before, stacking it as shown. Done!

Variations/Final Thoughts

A tile bracelet using a version of this cane in different colors.

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